Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 4 May 24,2011

Dino, His teeth you have to watch out for he hasn't learned to be gentle,Yet.
 lumix lx3


  1. I know I'm future tripping but what happens when he losses all his teeth, will you have to blend it up for him and give him a straw?

  2. haha, These teeth here belong to donkey he is only 7 and will be around for about 40 years. Horse on the other hand is real healthy for what little teeth he has. I feed him pellets and vitamins., hay is just to keep him busy. When his teeth are so far & he is loosing weight I will move him over to a mash. So he will be drinking his food.

  3. I like this blog jill whada think about 100 days with roland??? LOL !!