Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 3 May 23,2011

I am fascinated the way animals eat. You can tell by an animals teeth on how they eat, or visa versa watching an animal eat you can tell what kind of teeth he has.  A horse will grab his food with his front teeth, use his tongue and lips to rearrange the food so he can chew it.  There is a rhythm on how he chews his feed clockwise. The rotating motion to chew the food with his molars, wear the molars and they get sharp and you must have the vet come out and "Float their teeth" that means filing the sharp edges.
Well, this old boy hasn't much left for molars, the last time we floated his teeth they were at gum line and a tooth fell out.  His days for eating hay are limited. I will be adding more photos on the rhythm of eating. And maybe the tooth that fell out.
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