Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 28 June 17,2011

 I was once told that cockle burs were the inspiration for velcro. I do not know if that is true But to me it is logical if you look at a bur they do have little hooks. Burs latch on to everything, even skin and you can even get a splinter from a bur. Just a little reminder that once it decided to go for a ride on you and that even tho you thought you got rid of it , It is still somehow there. 
Baggage is the same way and tough one to get rid of. There will always be some little reminder that it was there and I call them triggers. The thing is to realize what those triggers are so you won't repeat your pattern and then low and behold you have changed your pattern, the trigger and baggage are gone. 
"No more tears" to quote the shampoo 

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