Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 37 June 26,2011

Ah, the pleasure of being donkey.  We have a law here in my city the it is illegal to raise dust. Yea right try and tell that to Dino. I can't wait till code enforcement come by and try to give me a citation  for raising dust!  I know I am exaggerating but it is a very funny thought.
 I swear he thinks he is a chicken. I have never known an animal to take so many dirt baths as much as a chicken.


  1. Are you some place hot? That is why mona the elephant used to put dirt on her head in the El Paso Zoo, which Kendra used to find endlessly interesting! Great shots! (great memories) Priceless headstrong soul!

  2. Well, Yes and No.
    I'm right outside of Denver,Co and at the moment it is hot and being 1 mile high makes for a very strong sun.

  3. Excellent series! - Good acting, Donkey!