Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 35 June 24,2011

I love eyes and they are damn hard to take a photo of. I am always in the reflection.  I want to see deep into the eye. Horses eyes have these peaks and valleys of color it is almost like an exploding volcano.
 One Day I will figure out the trick but in the mean time I will keep trying and trying till I get THAT SHOT.
And that reminds me horse almost poked his eye out with a branch a few years ago he has a small indentation in his eye. I will try to capture that for you all.


  1. fabulous! and yes, horse eyes are beyond amazing. so much depth and they are so damn big! i always wonder who is in there....i don't know about horses so much so it's interesting for me to follow your posts. :-)

  2. Beautiful! the clarity and depth on all your shots are extraordinary. I used to ride horses when I was younger and this blog is so nostalgic...I swear I almost smell hay when I look at your posts,and hear the sounds of the stable:) so wonderful.

  3. My brother has horses (and goats) and I love taking pictures of their eyes...especially with eyelash shadows falling down through that clear vision! Of these 2, I'm a fan of the larger shot below even though there's less eye showing...maybe the angle, or lashes, or some magical quality I can't quite put my finger on!