Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 43 July 2, 2011

Yes, you all will get to join me on a trail ride.
I have 8 blocks I have to ride through suburbia to get to the greenbelt. Chester knows who lives where and who wants to visit with him, who has treats, and where the children live.
He will strain his neck as we are walking by a house he knows looking for someone to come out. He has his favorite people. And he will stop dead in his tracks when he hears his name yelled and turn around and walk right up to the person who called him.
I have never known such a personable horse.
Now you know why I need the carbide on his shoes.
Metal shoes very slippery on pavement and very dangerous.
And the result, one hurt Jill.


  1. YEA! a trail ride!! can't wait to see what you post and i love these stories about chester.

  2. How wonderful! Great shot and terrific description of his experience in the hood!