Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 52 July 11,2011

He found this man and dog fascinating. We had to stop to watch them for 10 min.
Here is a fact I never told you about horse, he also has a thing for dogs. We will be riding the trail and he wants to meet not only people but dogs.
And there are many dogs who have never seen a horse. So Chester is the best horse for their first experience.
  I will always let dogs meet Chester, I find that he is the best horse for a dog to learn that you don't have to be afraid but respect a horse.
He will just put his nose down to sniff noses and if a dog starts to bark at him, he will look at them and the dog will stop.
Hell if I know what he says to them. This horse is a one of a kind.
 I have never  known an animal like him.


  1. Horses are special. My neighbor had an old horse named Bandit and when the new black lab puppy, fearless and bold, started to eat from Bandit's bowl, the horse grabbed him ever so gently at the back of the puppy's neck without hurting him, but the puppy just sat there and shivered until we went over and Bandit let him free. No one got hurt, and the puppy never again went near the dish when the horse was eating.

  2. What a wonderful story! I can just see all of that taking place.