Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 48 July 7,2011

More love. I have had kids just grab onto his leg and give him a BIG hug and he won't move an inch.
And the crazy thing is this horse has thrown me we have arguments (temper tantrums) about where we want to ride.
The trick is with him is to make him think that what you want to do is HIS IDEA!
 He will start to dance in place Piaffe (A highly, collected, measured, elevated and cadenced trot on the spot. The movement in the trot is alternate diagonals) The Piaffe is his favorite thing to do  or he will do a Pirouette (When the hindlegs stay in almost the same spot and the forehand move around them, either in a collected walk or a high degree of collection in canter) He does a revised version of this and he basically canters in place. This one he should not be doing in his old age, very hard on his back and legs. But try to tell that to a horse who is insisting I want to go this way and not that way.
He can be very unpredictable But around kids the idiot in him just seems to leave.

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  1. Love the perspective here; it ends up telling us a story and says much about the character of both horse and child. Nice!