Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 44 July 3,2011

 I had to add this most wonderful woman in this trail ride series.
This here is Shirley she was 93 yrs old when I took this photo. Chester adored her and she him. This is the woman who's house he would almost trip over his own feet straining his neck looking for her to come out to visit him.
She had this habit of collecting cats, I think she had a total of 30. All of the stays would wind up at Shirley's house. She would nurse them to health and get them fixed.
I loved this woman But I think horse loved her more than I.

She passed away a few years ago. It broke his heart he had such a hard time he would walk up to her door looking for her. 
I felt I had to add this wonderful woman who touched our heart very deeply. 

So in a way I am cheating using a few year old photo and with a camera that was a P.O.S.
Shirley we both think of you every time we ride by your house 
Rest in Peace 


  1. No you are not cheating, you are showing us the full picture of what Chester and you see on the street, even today....beautiful.

  2. Ah, lovely post. I used to want to learn horseback riding, but it's too expensive a hobby and I was (still am) a poor writer in Hong Kong ;) Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. It is a very expensive hobby! One way you can get the joys of a horse and not own and pay out the ear is to lease a horse.
    I just happen to be lucky that this horse and his friend live with me. Ya know having a relationship with a horse is a very wonderful thing.