Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 79 Aug 7,2011

I would now like to introduce Miss Tilly. When I got horse he was a neurotic crazy man he would pace the fence back and forth till he was in a lathered sweat and grinding his teeth.
 I knew I had to get him a friend. The Problem was, He HATED other horses. Hell if I know why but he just is an ass when it comes to his species. My neighbor suggested Tilly a goat she rescued. I introduced the 2 and they hated each other. So I separated them for a while and tried again. Magic happened they fell in LOVE.
They were inseparable, he still paced not like before and he was more at ease.
Where ever horse was there was goat within eyeshot. If he couldn’t see her he would run around looking for her. And her him.
Here they are taking a nap at the door and you can see my monster chickens in the background.

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  1. Man! You guys are too cute. Everytime you see them gathering at your door you should take a Sally Field Bow and think: They like me! They really like me! :)