Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 90 Aug 18,2011

I got donkey from a donkey rescue for horse, 1 month before this project started.  I was ready to get rid of him he was such an ass, he redecorated the barn by ripping out windows, chewing on the wood, ripping down the art and eating it. He had the worst manners ever, I swear he never had any ground work. His was tight lipped and would bite your hand when hand feeding, not maliciously tho he was not gentile he would run away when trying to put a halter on him.
 He was living up to his name. But thru this project and deciding he has to stay for the project and give him time to learn the rules of my home and horses home.
Rule #1 respect me and everyone else including horse and dogs! Ok foxes and coyotes can be chased out of yard.
 Rule #2 this is my stall not yours only your head is allowed in my stall.
Rule #3 we all use the bathroom in a certain place. Now I must elaborate on this Horse is a very clean animal he will not shit in his stall. He will walk outside and back up to a corner and do his business and if he is in the yard the same there, he will walk over to the flower beds and shit there. The only time when horse will mess up his stall he is mad about something. Example: when his goat was in heat and she was just screaming for a man to service her  then I would find shit in his stall.
 It took donkey a long time to learn that, I think horse gave him a lecture.

So now we are almost at the end of the 100 days and the verdict?
Donkey stays he has become a very gentile and loving critter with a great sense of humor.
How could I not fall in love with a critter who has a taste for boxes?


  1. yay!! I'm very happy for you both, and I've really enjoyed following your pair via this blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. great image to accompany a great story. who knew?