Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 99 Aug 27,2011

We are coming to the end of 100 days with Horse (and Donkey), this is very sad for me.
 I have so enjoyed sharing my crazy critters, my photos, my thoughts, tangents and even I hope you learned something or got a good laugh.  I have never claimed to be an artist I alway said I was AuRTistic. I thought I was just some crazy person, (like my animals) who took photos from an odd angle. Your comments and complements have been so wonderful and gives me strength & inspiration to keep on writing and taking more photos.
 This is my very 1st time showing my photos and writing to the world, I was apprehensive at 1st.
(Sorry, Facebook don't count. I know all 800 of my friends. haha )
100 days of photos and thoughts! My god what a task!  Hell, I never even took an art class so this was one big assignment for me. I found this project to be so inspiring!!!!
This will not be my last blog I will do more.

I think these two are turning their backs to us cause they want this to continue……..


  1. Oh Jill, I've really enjoyed your sharing your furry friends. These two shots are just awesome--never before seen sort of angle!

  2. that's sort of the ultimate take on 'do these pants make my ass look big?' don't show these images to horse and donkey! too funny. keep on writing and keep on doing your photography.

  3. That statement on "do these pants make my ass look big?" I just happen to have one of those photos I took when I lived in Berlin of the farrier Gabby trimming our ponies hoofs. That did make both of their asses huge.
    I will keep on going. But on a new blog, I don't want to change this blog by continuing. Besides it is called 100 days :)
    I also must say, that you 2 have been just wonderful on commenting and I thank you for all of you words. I feel very privileged.

  4. Billie--that's too funny! Jill--please do let us know the url of the new site when it's done. It's been a pleasure working with you both!

  5. Billie and Susan you have been my biggest fans Well besides my GF in Fla on she comments on FB. Haha
    I truly enjoyed working with both of you and thank you so much for your time and the comments!
    I will let you know when I start, I'm preparing for a show that hangs tomorrow and then I'm on holiday for a week.