Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 98 Aug 26,2011

Another wonderful photo that I had to include in this blog.
Miss Tilly, would lay down and take naps next to my cement calf and that crazy plastic penguin.
She was a wonderful goat in the end. Like all of my crazy animals. I get them and they are so messed up or neurotic. After some time living in paradise they shed their quirks, become more relaxed and learn to trust. Or maybe I'm an animal whisperer! Hell if I know but all of my animals are in a way messed up in the beginning and almost human when I'm done with them.

When I 1st got her she would bite. I have worked with goats for many years and she was the 1st goat to bite me they normally butt.
 I had arguments with her to trim her hoofs, brush out her undercoat in the spring. She just didn't trust, it took me a year to get her to trust me. In the end she wanted to be brushed and as for hoof trimming . Well, that was not a task either of us enjoyed but she did let me trim her hoofs without a fight because she did notice that her legs didn't hurt as much with a trimmed hoof. She also was arthritic. It was one of the 2 . She trusted me or she was so old she just didn't have the fight left. Naw, she was a bitch. She did trust me  tho and she was old. Not many people could get close to her, unless you had a peppermint candy. Bless her heart.  

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