Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 18 June 7,2011

Here is a ball of hay that got stuck in the gap where the teeth are missing. At first I thought he was like a little kid spitting out the food that didn't taste good.  But then when I observed him I realized that it was from the lack of teeth, and his molars are well there just ain't much left on those old teeth for grinding up food. So I find these pretty little balls all over the place.
Lumix lx3


  1. i love this project of yours! though i'm not a horse fan per se but i totally dig both your pics and the way you write about them and about the horse. my own stories for the project are here - enjoy!

  2. Thanks for your kind words. Horse has many a fan that don't like horses. He steals the hearts of everyone, and will steal your beer if your not watching:)
    I tried to pull up link to look at your page, I got an error.