Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 22 June 11,2011

This here is Damage from horses shoes in front of the door where he likes to nap. He has cracked the flagstone and well it is scared forever.
Chester weighs a whopping 14oo lbs. I have carbide put on his shoes so he won't slip on the pavement on the way to the greenbelt where are ride. The carbide grips like a MoFo and here is the proof of the damage is causes. He twists his hind feet when we walks so you can see if we rode by on the pavement from his marks on the road. 
He is an easy one to track from his hoof prints. There are some folks we know who walk the greenbelt and know his tracks and have told us they were looking for us because of his tracks distinctive tracks he leaves .:)

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