Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 36 June 25,2011

Donkey, Well he is getting better about the camera in his face. It has taken him some time to learn that I am just one strange woman with this little black box.
 This is the first time he let me get close enough. Horse on the other hand I can get an inch from his eye and he will just stand there.
If we are lucky I will get those $ shots without me in the reflection. Any tips on how to take that shot, I am all ears.
Don't worry I will get to ear shots:)


  1. this is beautifully composed and very compelling. i'm not sure that you need to have a shot that shows just the whole eye straight-on. (actually, knowing that you were looking for just the 'right' eye shot, i clicked on your post and thought - omg, she got it! )

  2. Thank you. I think for me the ultimate $ shot would be the entire photo is the eye in detail. I mean big detail. Georgia O'Keeffe type of detail. I love how you feel as if you are so small and it is as if you are climbing inside her flowers. It is like the ants perspective. That is what I want to capture.
    Macro I guess is what I need to try.

  3. I like donkey's eye, but I like donkey's, burros.