Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 31 June 20,2011

If it wasn't for donkey ripping the windows out I would have never gotten this great shot of horse. Damages again.
This also leads us into conformation and personalities.
How conformation tells us about the horses personality and intelligence.
 Do you see how pointed and well set his ears are? That is the sign of a horse who is intelligent and alert.
If his ears were wider set apart and more rounded on the tips he would be a great trail horse, Bomb proof and also not very smart he will do what you tell him and he will never question you because he just won't give a damn.
  The wrinkles above his eyes also mean he is very alert and inquisitive. His eyes are large properly set in his head. If they were too far forward he would be spooky from the rear and too far back on the side of his head he would be a klutz because he couldn't see in front of himself. 
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