Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 33 June 22,2011

Swirls/whorls are a fascinating subject.
When I first got this horse he had some things I could quite figure out why I knew I shouldn't quite trust him then I realized it was the 2 swirls between his eyes and the long wheat sheath swirl on his neck. 
Do you see the 2 swirls those are a good indication that he is flighty.
And the Wheat sheath they are normally not that long. And this is also a warning sign that this horse is unpredictable.

 Example; on the trail there will be a new flower that bloomed OMG that is SCARY!  And I must jump up as high as I can and Be Very Afraid! Do NOT pass Go do not collect $100. 
I mean really dude be for reals. It is a damn flower. No, it wont bite and yes it is new. Congrats you have been paying attention. It is times like these I can not trust this horse, I must be on my toes at all times. Basically, I need to pay more attention then him and predict what is new and what will trigger the flight effect. I have been thrown by this HUGE puppy dog and have received 9 stitches from his acts of temporary insanity. If you asked me if I trust this horse with my life I would say YES 
Back to swirls...
Normally a horse will have 1 swirl and that is a good thing for reliability, 2 swirls beware, 3 swirls watch you ass, they are a handful. What I mean by that you can't take a nap or not be on your toes working with an animal who has more than one swirl. But there are other qualities that can help cancel this out some for example Chester here has the heart shaped lip to make him personable and he is super intelligent he has many other great positive qualities that make him more trust worthy. 
Swirls all over the body of a horse I wouldn't turn my back on him.
Some of this is according to the Bedouin folklore on horses. Basically wife-tales but there are reasons for those also. 
I attached a link to a book that I read by Linda Tellington-Jones and for me it was telling me in words what I knew instinctively.
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  1. these are both gorgeous images - clear but abstract.!!! love them both!

  2. The texture of these images is gorgeous...something I might start to think about in my own work! Fascinating facts...