Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 19 June 8,2011

I talked about the chestnut on horse's leg earlier above. As our daily ritual I sit on my computer next to the backdoor & horse and donkey are in the backyard grazing. Well, horse likes to come and hang out with me. He will open backdoor stick his head in and hang out with me and take a nap. He as I said, thinks he is human and he would come in the house if he could so hanging out with his head in the house is good enough for him.  But those are other photos, tangents and stories.
 I just happen to look at his hind leg and I saw he had a chestnut that was naturally peeling off like they would in the wild or ungroomed world. Not that I don't groom horse, we just don't ride as much anymore due to our ages and health issues so grooming is less Plus he likes to be dirty. So I grabbed my camera and took these shots, & yes, little Hammer will get his treat, horse chestnut and I do give him dried horse hoofs.
Lumix LX3

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