Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 34 June 23,2011

Good ole, Dino. What can I tell you about this ass. That is just what he is an Ass. And a very smart ass at that. He is very clever but not that he will let you know that those gears are turning in that fluffy head of his. He doesn't have the wonderful heart shaped lips so no he isn't a very outgoing personable animal he is more reserved. He is still young and learning the rules of being around people and what is and isn't acceptable. 
We now have a new game of hide the cookies around the pasture while horse eats his dinner that donkey isn't allowed to eat. So I try to keep this persistent little shit preoccupied while horse eats. 
I have had donkeys before but this one is the most destructive inquisitive little shit I have ever met. 
But Horse loves him, Dino is doing his job keeping my neurotic horse happy.
Lumix lx3


  1. hahaha! Good farmer that you are! I can't show this entry to Fishy tho' -- he has me on a strict diet of only 3 cuss words a day. At least your youngest doesn't mess up the whole yard and turn around and tell you "Ah,ah, ah! Three strikes and you're out!" :)

  2. But wait I swore only 2 times. hahahah
    Damn that swear jar