Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 32 June 21,2011

I love the spots and fur swirls on his muzzle. 
Do you see the heart shape of his upper lip? Let me tell you about the wonderful qualities of a horse with a heart shaped lip they are all very people oriented animals, very friendly and mouthy and very smart. A Personality Plus! What I mean by mouthy is that these animals will want to chew on you and are very expressive with their lips. Chester likes to unzip my jacket and he is constantly trying to undress me. He likes to nibble on my rear. My god my horse is a flirt, maybe he has a crush on me! Haha
 No, he doesn't it is a typical type of thing these animals with this lip conformation do.
 I always look for a horse with such shaped muzzle I know that they will love to have interactions with me and I can play around with them.  
Lumix lx3

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